Death Row

Death Row

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The Basics: Welcome to the prison that turns into some crazy trip where staircases levitate it midair, rooms constructed solely of chainlink can possibly exist and where you are expected to be able to locate things that are invisible. Nope, it’s not an acid flashback, you really are going to be wondering what the heck is going on.

What We Like: I like maps that are a little weird and this seems to scratch that itch. The map starts you off making you think you’re in a normal prison, well sortof, but then the farther you go the stranger things get until you are left wondering if the mapper has even seen a prison before (lord knows I have). There are some custom guns, a pretty fun objective with shootable teddy bears, 5-hit jug, legitimately humorous posters on the walls, 2 PAP machines and a buyable ending.

What We Didn’t Like: This map lacks much detail at all and is flat out unfinished. Key parts to figuring out what you need to do in order to progress through the map are missing which is unacceptable. The fact that you can see SO much unmapped area comes across as lazy and takes you out of the experience.

Final Word: The map may not look like anything special and it’s problems become apparent almost immediately, however, there still is quite a bit to do and I had some fun doing it. If the mapper spends a little more time working on his skills I’ll bet his next map will be a LOT of fun.




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