Mini Labor

Mini Labor
Version 1.2 By: Team 00

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Our four heroes find themselves in an abandoned, infected laboratory ran by 00 Industries defending themselves against hordes of undead Nazi scientists.
Despite the fact that there is not even the slightest clue on how they got there and why they would do what the mysterious text tells them to,
they work together to open up the laboratory and repair some useless machine to be able to escape from this place.

“PhilMod” with a lot of little features, improvements and bug fixes for the zombie mode
* Fixed Jugger-Nog and Wunderwaffe
* 10 Powerups
* 10 Perks
* Ballistic Knife & The Krauss Refibrillator
* Crossbow & Awful Lawton
* and a lot more

Map-specific features, such as:
* Most models and textures are ported
* Selectable difficulty (see below)
* No dog rounds
* Objective-based ending
* Pack-a-Punch Machine
* “Amm-O-Matic” (buyable)
* Mystery Box
* 6 songs in the music box (that you probably don’t want to listen to)
* Some Easter Eggs
* Traps
* and more

A note on the difficulty options:
This is our first map with the difficulty selection feature and even though we tried to cover a good range of difficulties with 5 options,
it could be that you find no options that you like. We would like feedback on the difficulties, especially if you beat it on the hardest setting.
We might even add more difficulties or change them up depending on the feedback we receive.

A note on music and sound:
We have put quite some work into the sounds and ambience, so we would recommend everyone to turn up their audio and also music volume.
For YouTubers:
The songs in the music box don’t seem to be copyrighted, but we don’t know for sure. Also, to warn you,
there’s one shootable song easter egg, not from a big label, but we don’t know about the copyright.
Still, we highly recommend leaving the music turned up, and only turn it down if you activate music.

* Speed Cola: Reduces reload time by half
* Double Tap Root Beer: Increases fire rate of all weapons by 33%
* Jugger-Nog (fixed): Grants 250 HP to the player, making him survive 4 hits
* Quick Revive: Gives a second chance in Solo; Reduces revive time by half and grants owner 50% longer down time in Coop
* Deadshot Daiquiri: Reduces hip-fire spread by 50%, grants 2x hold-breath time for snipers and a 10% damage bonus for headshots (adds onto Tufbrew)
* Stamin-Up: Allows the player to run 3x as long, also grants 7% speed bonus
* Mule Kick: Allows you to carry three weapons
* Point Whore: Grants a 25% bonus multiplier when the player gains points
* Tufbrew: Grants a 50% damage bonus for all bullet weapons (adds onto Deadshot)
* PhD Flopper: Makes the player fully resistant to explosion and fall damage, landing crouched or prone after jumping down causes an explosion

* Instakill: Any means of damage will instantly kill the zombie for 30 seconds
* Max Ammo: Refills all your ammo
* Nuke: Kills all zombies currently alive (also stuns them so they cannot hit you)
* Carpenter: “Zis must work by telekinesis” – Dr. Edward Richtofen
* Double Points: Grants all players a 2x point multiplier for 30 seconds (adds onto Point Whore)
* Bonfire Sale: Reduces the cost of the Pack-A-Punch machine to 1000 for 30 seconds
* Bonus Points: Gives every player a random amount of points (scales with rounds)
* Fire Sale: Reduces box cost to 10 and spawns box at every location for 30 seconds
* Random Perk: Gives every player a randomly chosen perk, fills ammo of the emptiest weapon if no perk can be given
* Unlimited Ammo: Primary weapon’s ammo will not deplete for 30 seconds

Special Thanks:
For credits and some dev pics, click “About this map” in the main menu
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