TMG Standoff

TMG Standoff
By: Quizz

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Level Background
I first started standoff back in 2012, but soon put it on hold to work on other projects. It originally began as a kinda challenge map with free weapons all over the ground, and the only drop was a random weapon drop(as seen here: OLD STANDOFF TRAILER). When I picked the map back up I decided to go with a whole new approach – darkness!

Sadly, soon after I started working on it again, my pc crashed and I lost alot of progress on Standoff and some maps as well. After that I decided to take a break from mapping for awhile. Summer 2013 I started, for the third time, on Standoff. This time around I added preset loadouts with 3 guns, equipment and two types of grenades, and I’ve worked on this version of Standoff up until now taking small breaks to work on other projects.

Standoff is a very unique map, It demands teamwork and is much more a challenge than just straight forward survival. It takes place in the Savannah Desert in an abandoned Military base on the outskirts of a small trade town. You begin the fight with one of your pick of 8 different preset loadouts, each complete with a primary, a secondary, a pistol which regenerates ammo every round, a primary grenade, a light source, and finally some sort of equipment. You must reach the hidden chambers by progressing past all the timed doors to find your way to victory.

The map is very dark and you cannot adjust the brightness in game. However every class does have some sort of light source like glowsticks or some even have a flashlight equipped. Stick by your teammates at all times and cover each other, because your back is constantly against the wall with no where to run.

Things To Note

    Max Ammo drops refill you weapon clip, so no need to reload before grabbing it.
    You can only change your class with the Class Changer but only once per life, so choose wisely.
    Don’t forget to use all of your resources – you start the map with 3 weapons and 3 different off hand equipment.
    Call out when using a light – lights are very important so don’t waste them by having 2 people using a light at once.
    Solo mode plays differently than coop – doors cost less, zombies spawn slower, and your light sources do refill every round.
    Be aware that zombies are strong from the get-go since you begin with good weapons.
    This map is tough! It might take a few tries to figure out a good method, so try different loadouts and experiment.

The Preset Loadouts

Special Thanks
YaPh1l —— Custom scripts like the ending
PorkRoyal – Ported weapon models
Tom-BMX – Various tutorials and his Lime tool

Conway ———————- Play tester
ZCT Chaos —————— Play tester
Resortified ——————- Play tester
Justin aka SaggyBerries – Play tester
TMG Nukem —————– Play tester
Alex aka All0utWar ——— Play tester



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