Nazi Zombie Ccourt

Nazi Zombie Ccourt
Version: 1.1 By: ryandrew

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Nazi Zombie CCourt is a prisonish style map its medium small.

Includes: 8 perks (one very hidden, you’ll know!)
               Double Tap 2.0
               Packapunched guns in box (crappy ones, but fun to pull and use)
               Hidden Perk Machines sorta
               A Lighting room (one room where reflection probes all make guns sparkly while your in it
               A really fun last stand area
               a maze room which sucks to be in when the round is on xD
               Some trolls haha
               A bunch of mystery box locations
               Black Ops Quick Revive
               Zombie Counter

This map can be very hard if you do not set up well xD also meant for 1 person but i imagine 4 would be very fun too xP



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