Ascension 2.0 – Candyland

Ascension 2.0 - Candyland
Version: WIP By: iBarnett

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So this is my re-make of my re-make or ascension from Blops. THIS IS NOT COMPLETE!!!

I for some reason have messed something up somewhere with in my map be it in radiant or in some script but when i go to launch my map it gets right to the end of the loading bar then crashes my whole waw game.
I just though i would release it as is.

Features :

– Well detailed
– UGX jukebox
– Waw/blops perks with quick working on solo
– Endgame

Since this was a random compile that i found on my computer that “xcup” found (was ment to save my .map file not an actual compile version) it was in testing stage.
So you start with 50000 points and the landers /rocket dosnt work and theres no EE. Was getting there though till i did something that i have no idea how to fix.

So i am willing to give someone my recent .map file so they can load it into radiant and maybe get it working
All i ask is that you are a pretty good mapper/scripter, not a teenybopper, And that you leave whats in it allready. I dont care if you add things to it to make it better
And just give me credit for making the map (say with YaPh1l’s into like it is right now). So if your intrested in it please leave a post stating who you are and why you think i should give you my .map .

Hope someone will step up!!! cuz im beyond capable of fixing what ever i have done  ( and yes i have tried running a new script placer copying the whole map over and just tried a basic compile with the same issue with it just crashing my waw game completely at the end of loading)


-Trem  – Zone/zombie fix
-UGX  – UGX jukebox/ help with random shit/problems
-Ya Ph1l  – Into text
-Bam skater  – Blops perks
-Tom BMX  – prefabs/scripts/endgame
-Anyone else i forgot


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