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Hello this map i have been working on for sometime now 2 Month, Here are some screen shots of the map. Also just a NOTE this is my first map.

features of the map

2 Sided ending, One side is cost more but its longer and better.
13 perks
Raygun mark 2
Some Easter eggs
Thompson on the wall
Dr Dagger made by ZK
Wonderfizz, Scirpt by myself and Offthewall
Bo2 bank
Deadshot give you more gun damage 
all the perks have songs
3 egg radios

(Weapons V1.6)


Waw weapon
Type 25 – Black ops 2
Far cry 3 knife
Dsr – bo2
PDW – bo2
Executioner – BO2
Minigun – BO2[/size]

(features of the map made by Redspace200)

Tombstone – Only works with more then one player like BO2
Who’s who
Vulture aid
And some fun boss zombies
Bo2 weapon storage (That keeps your weapon forever)
He also helped me with Scripting a lot[/color]

NOTE: Please don’t take scripts me/my friends have put a lot of time into the scirpt to make this map cool SO please don’t take scripts 

Story of the Map:

Right at the end of WW2, The war was Almost over and zombie started to come all over the world this is where it end? You need to find a way out of here and get to land

NOTE: This may be the last update for this map, I may update it if there any game breaking Glitches :D 

Credits Of the map
Scripting help or scripts – YaPh1l, Redspace200, Offthewall, ZK
Maping help – Jzob123, redspace200, MrBlue192, ZK YT tut’s
Other help – SajeOne, Jzob123, MrThomas, Tom_bmx, Echo000, Pork, Nikolai Belinski,WinCat

Hope you all like this map i had a lot of fun making it :D[/size]



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