Undead Town

Undead Town
Version: 1.3 By: RamboBadass

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Update Log 1.3
 – Fixed a number of spots where you could get out of the map. Update is live on the Manager.

Update Log 1.2
*fixed buyable ending price
*added a gun…..
*moved the 3 teddys for the Thompson
*clipped some buyable debris 
*a few other things I can not remember sorry

Update Log 1.1
*Pathing issues fixed (thank you Saje)
*Added collison to a few items
*Packaged correctly lol sorry that was a epic fail
*All weapons other then WaW weapons fixed to there default ZOMBIE stats
*Prices lowered on BO guns 
*JukeBox working
*Fixed a door the was visible through a wall

Special Thanks to DualVII for a major potential infinite loop fix THANK YOU 

Thanks to Trem map is back on track should be out soon!!!! :D

hey guys iv been working on a new map (lost my files to the first) but here we go 
The setting is a small town out side of The Factory in the mountians. In 1946. You must fight your way threw the hordes to buy a ticket to leave the mountian inclosed town, with the help of the perks and PAP. The only problem is the conductor is a greedy old fool that has a high price set on his tickets. Can you survive long enough to make the money needed? 

Things map has
* Challenging Map
* buildable ending (DualVII)
* multiple power switches (DualVII)
* zombie counter
* Custom Load Screen – Thanks to HexZombies
* 10 perks with BO2 shaders – Thanks to Bamskater, JR-Imagine, ZK 
* Soul chest – Thank you BluntStuffy 
* Dig Sites – Thank you again BluntStuffy lol 
* UGX-jukebox – Thank you UGX
* hidden guns, and a hidden Tompson for Spiderbite
* customized guns- Thanks to the UGX Weapon Editor 
* Achievements – Thanks to Don Goony
* Unsure of train ending (don’t want to copy others) ;)
* no-dogs :'( lol 
* custom textures 
* custom fx
* buyable ending Thanks TOM_BMX
* and other things stil coming

Big Help 
Trem,GrantDaddy,Codmoddd1234,all of UGX team. damn it I guess Treyarch
HexZombies – for the loadscreen Thanks man 
ZK – Thank you. You know why.
RedSpace200 – for a custom weapon script
Zombie Madness – for …. weapons and anims 
Lukkie1998 for weapon help and other things 

Beta Testers:
Zombie Madness 

If I missed anyone for any credit pm me 



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