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Hey everyone this is my first ever map Rezolution (yea i know the name dosent match the map) this was created with the gcz script placer hd bo2 power ups, the ugx jukebox, and 1 spot for a free random weapon power up. you are allowed to buy all 8 perks (try to keep in mind this is my first map so it isnt going to be great) and there are around 4 box locations plus a kick ass pack a punch room (i like it anyways). i focused more on gameplay than detail so you may notice that there is practically no x models or anything (again its my first map) also for the fact that i got a leakfile error and couldnt continue to work on the map because of it so this is Rezolution V1.0 and this is the final copy of the map (it has a couple bugs nothing to break the game or anything stupid like that). Enjoy And Please Give Feedback A Video Will Be Posted Soon  :) .



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