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I am known to most of the issues you guys will put in the comments, I wont be fixes these little problem as it is a very old map of mine and i dont care for it anymore… I just wanted to share a first map with everyone. I know its terrible in ways but it plays and works! But i welcome myself into this whole map making community 

My first ever zombies map! So be kind! Haha!  :P

Download link –
After using radiant for a while now i’m getting used to how to use it and can now use my zones and everything else the right way. :) So i have been working on other projects but i thought i should release my first ever map.. 

So i hope you enjoy what is my first small map ‘Alrunyum’

– Just the standard weapons and perks
– Secret radio’s 
– Small map

Thanks to / prefabs 

Was just my testing map but i still hope you can give it a try! :)




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