Overrun Zombies

Overrun Zombies
By: JBird632

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Update 2.2
– Quad Rounds add:
  > start randomly at round 5/6
  > increases every 4-7 rounds
  > level floods with gas
  > players rewarded max ammo regardless at the end of the round
  > players rewarded free perk if no players touch the gas of a quad zombie
  > death animations for wave gun by awesome pie man

– Deadshot Daiquiri added:
  > reduces crosshairs by 50%
  > doubles sniper breath duration

– Matryoshka Dolls added:
  > scripted by Awesome Pieman
  > proper black ops animations, from Tom BMX’s Lemon

– Wave Gun added:
  > tom_bmx: tools, anims
  > offthewall: dual wield/combo port
  > pacman25: sounds
  > awesome pie man: anims
  > rollonmath42: models

– New Vigor Rush Jingle by Mirai Dematro
– Removed Reseve Soda Perk, new location of Deadshot
– Fixed path node issues
– Fixed zombies from piling up at windows
– Increased Rpk and Hk21 (along with their upgraded versions) magazine capacities

Update 2.1:
– claymores, semtex and crossbow now play explosion sounds
– the upgraded 1911 (salley) now has an impact explosion sound
– removed hidden song from counter easter egg to prevent glitches
– fixed ak74u anims and added missing sound
– added m203 fire and reload sounds
– added masterkey fire and reload sounds
– fixed 3rd person gun model textures for the g11 and fal
– Scavenger now gives players points for each kill
– players can no longer get a third weapon from trading the solo revive colt
– zombie models have been retexted properly
– zombie models now have proper hit boxes, even when gibbed
– zombie’s eyes now glow red

The original Overrun remade with a new mod to simulate the feel of Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Overrun is a small tight map that leaves players with difficult train spots and lots of detail.
The Black Ops Mod features all weapons, perks, power ups, hud and many more features present in Black Ops.

– hud help
– perk fx
– mule kick script
– randomized cahracters
… and more

– claymore script
– vigor rush help
– reserve soda perk
… and more

– lime
– sound tool
– anim tool

– sound tutorial
– crossbow help

Awesome Pie Man;
– firesale fix
– wavegun animations and scripts
– doll scripts

– dual wield/combo port

– wavegun sounds

– wavegun models

– wavgun script help

– kino style teleporter
– easy zappers tutorial

Zombie Don;
– base buildables script

Hammy der gebissene;
– tutorial in advanced texturing

Beta Testers;
– Awesome Pie Man
– Hexzombies
– Chromastone10
– Nascarfanatic24
– P0tZ



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