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NOTE: This map CANNOT be changed due to the fact that I’ve lost the .map file (freaking virus  :( ) but you should hope for some new projects in the future  :D!

MAP DESCRIPTION: “When you thought a little village in the English countryside couldn’t be a war zone…”

This is my second published map called Bunbury, it is a little different than your average zombie map and it might be fun.

I created this map for ZodiacFTW, he always wanted to make a zombie map but didn’t know how and since he was busy I decided to make this map for him. He basically told me what location, what time and everything else about the map he wanted. At the time, I didn’t have any ideas but this map definitely kept me interested in CoD WaW mapping.

This map is basically set at the same time as my previous map, Imminent.

|Objectives (Make sure to read at the start of the game)
|3-Power Switches
|Black Ops Weapons
|Black Ops Perks (ALL 4 of them)
|WaW Perks (ALL 4 of them)
|Hidden Perk doors (You need to find switches to open the doors)
|bamskater33’s Perk Fix
|MOVING Random Box (Finally)
|Secret Area (The Crypt)
|Buyable Ammo (For current weapon)
|Black Ops Quick Revive (For solo)
|Ray Gun in the box (MIGHT be missing some fx)
|Buyable Ending
|Black Ops Perk Bottles
|Searchable Crates
|Some WaW Weapons (Only found in crates)
|Start With 0 Points
|Double Tap 2.0 (Costs 3500)
|The AUG
|Typewriter Intro
|And Many More!



|zombie madness
|The Rest of ZM
|Everyone who helped at GCZ

Any Feedback is greatly appreciated and I would ENCOURAGE people to make videos of this map  ;)

Ping998, out.



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