Nazi Zombie Building

Nazi Zombie Building
By: sonicnine1

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Feedback would be nice.
All songs are copyrighted
Size -100MB. I took out the extra sound files so it’s smaller.
Also i fixed a little glitch on one of the walls

All of ZK‘s tuts on youtube
Mrhankey91: zombie counter
Bamskater: black ops perks
Tom-bmx: buyable ending, music box
ConvictioNDR: 16 song music box edit
TheMightyDud: Pack a Punch mystery box
JBird632YaPh1lelfenlied: Help with problems on my map
Caboose: Testing, Weapon names

All 8 perks
Buyable ending
Open map
Working solo quick revive
Stationary box
Pack a Punch
Pack a Punch box
16 song music box
All PAP weapons renamed
DP28 and Type 99

Note: If you PAP with Mule kick, you lose a weapon. I put a colt next to it so you can buy it when you put the gun in the PAP and trade that for the PAP weapon when you grab it



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