Cheese Cube Unlimited
Version Cube of Circles By: ZK Studios

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The cheese is back with an all new adventure! Experience a very unique zombies gameplay in this round-shaped cube

This is a fairly difficult map to complete, so you had better grab a few cheese loving friends and wake up your A game!


   – Unique gameplay 
   – “Moving” environment
   – Black Ops 2 Weapons
   – Buildables 
   – Puzzles
   – Trivia
   – Animated Pack-A-Punch camo
   – Extremis Zombies
   – Custom perks: PHD Flopper and Double Dew
   – Custom cheese perk shaders
   – Several custom powerups
   – Random easter eggs
   – Unique ending
   – Iron Man armors (6 total armors w/ different aspects of the following)
      – Jarvis Heads-Up-Display (HUD)
      – Targeting 
      – Stat tracking
      – Viewhands
      – Player Models
      – Weapon systems, animations , fx
      – Iron Melee system
      – Enhanced player abilities (run speed, health, etc)
      – Special abilities for certain armors

Special Thanks:

   offthewall: Dual CZ75s, player models/viewhands rigging, target script
   Redspace200: melee/jump script, napalm zombie, random script help
   Stuffed_Oatmeal and Pacman25: BO2 weapon files, model help
   HexZombies: Perk shaders, loadscreen
   MrTomBone8: PaP texture
   Bamskater33: PHD model
   YaPh1l: Random script help (helped Redspace’s scripts as well) 


   Victor Ferrari



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