Version: 1.1 by: gamer9294

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Update Version 1.1

– The zombie Boss’s health is 15x lower than before. Now it is a lot easier to beat the boss rounds.
– You will earn more points when you kill a boss zombie
– The hint which says: ‘’Assault Rifle’’ has a better location now. It’s closer to the teddy.
– 2 weapons added
– 1 weapon fixed that will come out of the box now
– The crows around the map have a function now
– The buyable flamethrower has been fixed, now you can see it on the wall.



It starts with a movie called Legion.

It’s the year 2010, father, mother and their son are working in their diner when am old woman walks in peacefully.
Charlie, the mother is pregnant but almost nobody knows about it. Then the old woman walks towards her and asks about the baby. The father gets mad and steps to the woman.

She gets angry and bites his throat in half. Everybody panics and the worker grabs the shotgun and kills the woman, who tried to kill others.
An angel named gabriel walks in after that and says he came to protect the baby. Then it all starts, zombies are attacking earth and they are the last survivors.
They are world’s only faith and it’s up to them to save the earth and humanity.

– custom menu with: background images, custom menu sound and solo button)

– difficulty mod  (difficulty – easy, default, hard, insane and timed gameplay)

– 11 perks –  
1. Juggernog
2. Speed Cola
3. Quick Revive
4. Double Tap
6. Stamin-Up
7. PHD-Flopper
8. Deadshot Daquiri
Perks 9, 10 and 11? Find it out yourself!

– 2 electric traps v2.0
– custom starting weapon.
– Custom dogs and custom dog spawners
– explodable barrels  ( only the black barrels )
– buildable weapon
– auto turrets
– support guys
– special custom box
– bo2 custom zombie models
– UGX jukebox
– extra music box
– Train support
– End game
– weaponry
1. MW1(cod4)
2. World At War
3. Black Ops 1
3. Black Ops 2

– Kino style teleporter
– Radioactive zone (Defenitely don’t walk into it )
– buyable song
– 1 explosion objective to find, place it and detonate the c4.
– A truely huge easter egg system with loads of teddy bears on hard to find locations.

No spoilers will be given because it would ruin the map. Maybe when the map is released, a tutorial will come.

– Ensure yourselves of good weaponry to slay the special rounds, save up your points because you will need them

Little bug:

if you buying the magic box and you will get a  “molotov cocktail”  DON’T TAKE THE MOLOTOV COCKTAIL FROM THE MAGIC BOX THAT WILL REPLACE YOUR WEAPON AND THAT WILL LOSE IT.

The easter egg system includes:

3 types of easter eggs:

1x easter egg  (3x teddybears)
1x shootable easter egg  (3x teddybears)
1x secret easter egg (5x teddybears + 3x teddybears)

If you can’t find all 5, no worries. We placed some more in case you won’t be able to find them. There are 8, but you only need 5

Music is copyrighted
The music is chosen by some friends, not me  :)

– MPB  ( Magic Power Box )  ( $3000,- )

There is a little glitch with Mule Kick in combination with the Magic Power Box

How to use the Magic power Box properly? Grab 3 weapons, 2 from the box and 1 wall weapon for example. THEN you may use the magic power box.
You need 3 weapons to box the magic power box. 

Special credits to

– YaPh1l –   scripts and help me out
– martiny –   helped me with the Pack A Punch weapons camo
– ProGamerzFTW  –  helped me with a huge error on game and some more
– Gamer9294 ( self ported the Bo2 zombie models from transit with the  Tom-bmx  Lime tool )

credits to:

– bamskater33 –    Tutorials
– Frd   –     tutorial = Tito from openwarfaremod.com – for bo guns )
– TheMightyDud   –  Tutorial pap-box
– Tom_Bmx –    Music box and tutorial)
– [UGX] treminaor –  UGX Jukebox
– MrHankey91 – Script placer program
– ADDICTED – Kino style teleporter
– Don Goony  – buildable
–  lXl-dani-lXl  –  shootable easter egg
– JR-Imagine – HUD

Beta testers:

– KillerPlaysGaimz
– Maple(Max)
– Bas(DutchCustomZombies)

And all the other amazing people from zombiemodding.com and ugx-mods.com who posted a tutorials.
So everyone with scripts, tutorials, models, prefabs or something else thank you very much! 



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