Undead Forest

Undead Forest
By: bigboyys12345 Version: 1.1

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No dogs
UGX Mod 1.0.4
Soul Chest
Fire Trap
medium/large map
Custom skinned zombies
Custom HUD
UGX Jukebox
(NEW!!!) Buyable ending

Moved soul chest from tunnel to pap room
Fire actually lights zombies on fire and does more damage(sometimes they run far before they die)
little bit more detail in pap area
Buyable Ending!!!!!

Mapping and Scripting Support:
All the great people at UGX forums
JR-Imagine for the custom HUD
BluntStuffy for the soul chests
treminaor for UGX Jukebox
MakeCents for the fire trap
Alerion for opening text
ConvictioNDR for fixing the 625mb file

This is my first map!!!! Also I didnt have any beta testers besides myself so if there are any issues/bugs please tell me and I will do my best to fix them!!! If you enjoy this map and have suggestions for another please let me know!!



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