Swamp Of The Doomed Ones

Swamp Of The Doomed Ones
By: HitmanVere

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13th of April, 1945. Scientists were trying to find new ways to cure plagues, that have ravished the world, in remote 
 japanese testing base. But they were overrun by plague and were soon all killed. 4 soldiers were sent to the base 
 to see what is happening there, but soon found out that there were much more than rotting corpses…

This map is set in somewhere in Japan, when plagues have destroyed almost everything living. Map is challenge map
 more or less with locked perks and box. Map is supposed to be fun, when played in co-op, but challenge in solo.
 Do you have what it takes to survive Swamp Of The Doomed Ones?

Challenge (More or less) map
-8 perks
-8 MP weapons
-3 Black Ops 1 weapons
-Locked stock perks/box
-No Dogs
-Five Teleporters
-Pack a Punch
-Buyable Ammo
-5 step Easter Egg
-Buyable Ending

Bugs (Some intended):
 -No zombies in underground, cos I dont want them there, causing them glitch to spawn, if everyone is at

-Needsmorewub (Greenhouse)
-Jammy from Fracture Studios (Detailing)
-Ronanmerriman (House prefab)
-Ege115 (Alot of scripting)
-Treyarch (For the game and mod tools)
-Zomb1e Kllr (Tutorials)
-UGX Mods Forum (Help)
-thezombiekilla6 (Tutorials)
-ASTR0x0M3GA (Pics)
-Rorke (Weapons)
-lukkie1998 (Weapon help)
-YaPh1l (Tutorials)
-rambobada555555 (Solo button)
-AwesomePieMan (Five Teleporters)
-xJimmy33 (Fog)

If I forgot anyone, that has helped me, please tell me and I add in list, if needed



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