Tank Yard

Tank Yard
By: spyguts97

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Hi, I am uploading my first official custom zombies map: Tank Yard. (More pics coming soon)

Our heroes time-travel again and are trapped in a tank graveyard. Or is it? They uncover a secret abandoned German lab. Help our heroes escape with the German experimental tank hidden within the lab.

This map is medium to large map, with a mixture of small to medium-sized rooms/areas. Limited zombie-train areas. Tight paths.

– Mix of weapons from COD4, WAW, MW2, BO, MW3, and BO2
– Custom starting weapon
– Special “laser” wall weapons
– Soul chests with a reward that’s not a Ray Gun
– COD4 Knife animation and COD4 gun flash fx (for those tired of seeing WAW flash fx like me :) ) + custom PAP flash fx
– Perks: 
  > Quick Revive (both BO solo ver. and co-op ver)
  > Speed Cola
  > Juggernog
  > Double Tap Root Beer II (Increased fire rate and double damage)
  > Mule Kick (from Bamskater33’s Ultimate Black Ops Perk tutorial)
– Buildable, buyable ending
– Oh yeah, no dogs



Before trying to open all the areas, buy this first.

This will open up the underground as well as a tank in the first room.
With that said, some vehicles are buyable debris.

There are six total. Kill zombies near them for the chests to collect souls.

Here are the kill counts: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60

After that, head to the final room and collect your sexy ZM37-Z “laser” MG.

In the power room, the white door is opened by shooting 3 teddy bears hidden throughout the map.

Find 3 fuel cans located throughout the map:

Add them right behind the tank:

That’s pretty much it.
And BTW some perk machines are just for decoration :)

Have fun and tell me what you guys think of the map!
IMPORTANT: If playing on solo, restart the level after loading. For some reason, the map freezes for about a second when you start and the map will play with no character voiceovers, but if you restart it, it doesn’t freeze and it works. Weird :P

bamskater33 – BO perks
tito, susel, sanya, zombie madness, MrMELUSIN, koene007 – weapons (cfgfactory)
ConvictioNDR – double tap 2.0 script
JR-Imagine – custom HUD
DuaLVII, IVIr_Gadd – buildable, buyable ending
Mrhankey91 – zombie counter script
YaPh1l – idk a lot of stuff lol
ZOMB1E-KLLR – beginner mapper’s tutorials on youtube
ADDICTED – his over-fx-limit tutorial
Paragalor – cod4 guns tutorial
holty007 – end game camera tutorial
JoshTheZombieBoy – randomize player character tutorial
BluntStuffy – soul chests
Sorry if I missed you in these credits!



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