Nazi Zombie Gateway

Nazi Zombie Gateway
By: A-Grand

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-Waw & Modern Weapons in box

-4 Basic Perks

-Pack A Punch

The Basics: A facility overrun by the living dead where you must make your way area by area to get more breathing room and better weapons for any hope of survival.

What We Liked: I love the idea of opening lots of doors and having to save up your money and last as long as you can before falling back through the next door behind you. The weapons sounds are beastly and firing every weapon makes you feel like a boss. I love the map layout with all the places to go and areas to hold down. Also, there are some really cool ported weapons in the box which means you’ll want to hit the box over and over to see all the fun stuff inside.

What We Didn’t Like: It is a little on the easy side especially the more people you play with, so it’s probably a better solo map than multiplayer. There is nothing custom in the map, no custom textures or perks and Gateway looks similar to some of Agrand’s other maps so you may get a feeling of deja vu at times. Also, there are no objectives or buyable ending.

Final Word: Gateway was fun to playthrough and I really did enjoy the layout, but it would benefit from a few more areas to open up and maybe some greater purpose to the map outside of survival to give you something to work toward.




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