TMG Castle

TMG Castle
By: Quizz

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TMG Castle is my latest zombie map using the “Quizz mod” based on the WAW mp map – Castle. The map is akin to the stock zombie maps with it’s creepy atmosphere and many different paths to open. included are all the things you would expect from one of my maps and more, some of which are listed below.


  • Many new weapons
  • Randomize weapon camos
  • Random Pack-A-Punch giving a random weapon upgrade
  • New perk system
  • One use ammo boxes throughout the map
  • Ending which require objectives to be completed first
  • Bonus map included – Castle Defence

“Quizz mod” is a group of features as well as tweaks to the stock zombies mode. These features haven been added to either fix something within the stock zombies or just add something I thought it needed. The majority of changes were done by me hence the mod name, however I did get some help from YaPh1l. Below is a list of changes as well as new features you should be aware of before playing any of my maps.

  • Only gain points for kills
  • 20 points per kill +10 more for a headshot
  • +10 points per kill assist in co-op
  • Points capped at 1000, but you can buy bigger wallets to increase this
  • FOV set to 75 instead of 65
  • Redesigned hud
  • Hitmarkers
  • Bonus points powerup gives a random amount of points, or gives nothing
  • nukes kill zombies faster
  • x2 points powerup now works with nukes, bonus points, and assist points
  • Max ammo powerup refills equipment and weapon clips automatically
  • Zombie counter on screen
  • Dogs only spawn on dog rounds
  • More dogs spawn at a time but are weaker
  • 40sec skipable break between rounds
  • There is no limit to how many times a weapon can be upgraded
  • Upgrading a weapon gives it full ammo, but you cannot buy upgraded ammo off the wall



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