CPH Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital

CPH Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital
By: chromastone10

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Collingwood psychiatric hospital was closed for many years due to it being “not safe for continues use” but was reopened, upon reopening workers began to notice strange behavioral changes among the patients, come to find out as the hospital was being fixed up for modern use strange things where found within the catacombs of the hospital, strange papers and contraptions, classified files titled “935”, maybe the hospital was closed for a completely different reason then you thought….  You play as an unamed guard who worked in the hospital, arriving at work one day when you where knocked unconscious by one of the patients only to wake up later with everything destroyed and feeling like your not in the same world, the reports you heard on the news in other parts of the world you just passed off as a random sickness are now happening at the place you work at…   This map is meant to unsettle you, and make you on edge

Features (so far):
-Mob of the dead zombies (thanks to bamskater)
-FX (thanks to ugx easy FX)
-Rain (thanks to Cinnober)
-Black Ops and Black Ops 2 Animations/Models and guns (thanks to Tom_BMX and his tools lemon and lime and dds alpha remover, Tito, steviewonder87,PorkRoyalz,Nikolai Belinski, xxxCowmanxx and DidUknowiPwn)
-Mob of the dead pack a punch camo (Thanks to Mr.Tombon8 for camo and showing me how to add it to weapons myself in maya)
-Weapon sound alias that works super perfect (Help from and HUGE thanks to RedSpace200)
-Black ops 2 weapon glow (thanks to Bamskater)
-Mob of the dead style hud (thanks to JR Imagine)
-Black ops 2 weapons with correct shoot and reload sounds done by me 
-Black ops 2 round chalks 
-Mob of the dead perk jingles
-AMBIANCE (you will hear chains rattling, fire burning, echoing screams, wind howling, ghosts groaning, and many other sounds to creep you out)
-Huge focus on detail
-Updated models
-Prefabs (thanks to FreeCodCinematics)
-Black ops 2 hospital zombies (thanks to ConvivtioNDR’s tutorial on multiple zombies)
-Boss zombie (thanks to Redspace200)
-Zombie in a jar (thanks to YaPhil1)
-Blundergat armor help thanks to Rollonmath42
-general advice (thanks to jbird, awesomepieman, rollonmath42)
-Custom menu screen (thanks to ADDICTED and Rampage_619)
-Blundergat with all upgradable versions (blundergat animations thanks to Redspace200)
-Acid Gat kit buildable (thanks to Ege115)
-Custom round change music created by me :D
-3 Black Ops perks and Electric Cherry (thanks to Bamskater)
-Zombie counter (thanks to Mrhankey91)
-Updated/Modern feeling PPSH (thanks to Mr.Tombone)
-Random character spawning (thanks to Bamskater)
-Full easter egg (thanks to ege115 for making another easter egg in my head a reality)
-Fire Sale (thanks to PROxFTW, firesale drops will only appear after the box has moved)
-Zombie shield (thanks to Redspace200)
-Hells Retriever (thanks to Awesome Pie Man)


Modern PPSH thanks to Mr.Tombone




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