Night of the Living Dead XMAS

Night of the Living Dead XMAS
Version 1.45 By: MPJWGaming

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This download has been updated to v1.45!  Everything works! Has been put on Mega because of errors  with their site.


I wanted to make a special thank you to all of the people that have helped me get threw all these errors! Shoutout to multiple people from UGX, Trem, Tanner, GunOfTruth, my beta testers (CovertGunman & Lizizadolphin)! If Im missing you please tell me and Ill add you in 🙂

Welcome to Night of the Dead… well a Christmas version of Night of the Living Dead!
NOTLD was my first map I worked on when I first started mapping then, out of no where, it corrupted.
So after Labyrinth (my actual first released map) I desided to try again after two guys from UGX (Gbomb & RamboBadass) made a full map file of Nacht for public download.
And since its Christmas… yeah.

BO Quick Revive
BO2 Double Tap 2.0
My custom perks (Multiplier Milkshake and LaZer Sight)
WaW, BO, BO2, Ghosts, Halo guns
Semtex Granades
LOADS of EE songs
A EE Sidequest
Buyable Ending

Santa’s Little Helpers – Dr. Lil Robot & Tanner
BO & BO2 Guns – zombie madness
Ghosts Ripper – Rollonmath42
Halo Magnum – sevengpluke
Buildable Sidequest – Gamer9294
Freakbag Counter – JR-Imagine
Many Many Useful Tutorial Guides – ZK
Nacht der Untoten Prefab – Gbomb & RamboBadass 

YouTubers – All songs in this map are copyright free EXCEPT the gramophone song (Till I Collapse by  Eminem). PLEASE send me links to your videos if you play it!



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