TMG 01: Nuketown Winter Edition

TGM 01: Nuketown Winter Edition
By: MrDunlop4

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Hey Guys

My Name is MrDunlop4 from the “TheGermanMappers”. I release now my Map, which i created with RichardMeier13.

Map Feautures:

– WaW-Guns w/Custom PaP-Camo
– The Swazzy Hud
– WaW Perks, Electric Cherry and Vulture Aid
– Jugg 5 hits & Wunderwaff Zap fix
– Kino Teleporter
– Some models from the next coming maps ( Uuuh EE?)
– Runners
– Verruckt Voice
– Typwriter Intro Text
– Quizz Grenade
– Nuketown 2025 Character
– Custom Main Menu Text
– Zombie Counter
– Double Points Nuke
– Custom Xmodels
– Removing Dogs


Whats coming in Version 2?

– New Perks (I think)
– Custom Guns ( BO2, BO1, WaW,
– Buyable Ending
– New Xmodels
– And a lot of other cool things :D


– RichardMeier13: Layout, Zone Helps
– TheGermanMappers Groupe: Support
– Help with errors and help al lot ( Thanks to all who help me :) )
– YaPh1l: Typewriter Intro Text
– Quizz: Quizz Grenade, Juggernaut/Wunderwaff Zap fix
– ConvictioNDR: Double Points for Nuke, Veruckt Voice
– Make Cents: Zombie Counter Script
– Aidan/ADDICTED: Kino Style Teleporter
– Bamskater: Electric Cherry & Vulture Aid
– Swazzy: The Swazzy Hud
– ZK: Runners Tutorial
– JBird632: Help with Snow Falling (Weather)
– UGX: Custom Main Menu Text ( UGX Script Placer)
– Tom BMX & Rollonmath42: Help with Maya & Porting Xmodels

PS: Ive i forgot anyone, send me a PM :)


We (TheGermanMappers) wish you a happy new year and hope, you like our first map :)

PS: Is there some bugs, contact me :)

– TGM|MrDunlop4 :D


Version 1.1:


– Removed Hell Hounds
– Fixed some Pathnodes
– Fixed Co-Op :D (Hurayy!)
– Fixed Character images lol

– MrDunlop4



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