Family Guy

Family Guy
By: HexZombies

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The Basics: Have a hankering for some zombie slaughter set in the Family Guy universe? Look no further.

What We Like: The players say lots of hilarious Family Guy quotes through the game which is a lot fun. There are lots of custom guns as well to mix things up and add variety. There is a little easter egg too that you must complete to open up all the doors in the house, get to PAP and get to the buyable ending. There is also a very generous bank system which should make saving up for your perks and the ending fairly easy. Don’t forget about the teleporters all over the map which map accidentally teleport you  when you least expect it.

What We Didn’t Like: The map really only looks like Family Guy because of the bright colors and no textures of models from the show are actually used which was a bit of a bummer.

Final Word: It’s a good map to grab a friend, kill some zombies, listen to some quotes from the show just don’t take things too seriously.



If you have any questions, comments or any of the links are broken please email me at [email protected]. Thanks : )



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