New Town

New Town
By: localbaby poop

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Finally Here it is,New town
 We all miss black ops and New town was made for black ops fan’s in mind.NOTE: Hope you have a blast, and it brings back so good time,Map was made with some of my kids idea’s
 to load the map for single player “Nazi_zombie_ntown” New town is wide open in case all goes wrong.
 Map start black and white but if you don’t like it buy revive and go down than you will have color in map or just turn on power save your money lol oh evil monkey made the town think there was no power see him shot the dam thing FEATURES:
 custom Weapons and one weapon put in just for the Thompson troll from my last map sorry spider lol
 Now you can upgrade it twice

 all 8 ops Perks + 2 perks Dr.D and Yes $2000 double dew but with a twist new flavor cherry
 work on some new script new perk danger Deegan took a bit but ou want it who need jug when you got danger Deegan lol “Deegan is my son”
 Custom Pack A Punch names, Custom Weapon, skins, buyable ending, teleports and alot more there has to be some thing to find out you self lol.



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