No Way Out

No Way Out
By: Marsvinking

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    THIS Map is No more a BETA.        
                                   I will only work on bugs or glitches on this one else its done 

                                  V1 No_Way_Out

THX to ianGreen for the video 1 Hour Special

Hey i’ve being working on a map for awhile and never thought off realeasing it acctually.
But here it is, i will still update it if there is some problems on it like bugs glitches or even errors.

Custom Zombies
Custom Textures
Some custom weapons
4 Wonder Weapons
Custom Hud
Custom sounds
Dog Round:   Sorry for those who hates the dogs but i like em xD  :rainbow:
These dog rounds will be hard if your on a low level which will make it harder which i think is awesome. 
The harder the better in my opinion
All of the black ops Perks and 1 perk from black ops 2

1 Hidden Debris
3 TeddyMonkey Easter Egg

On each off the 3 TeddyMonkey Easter egg there is difficulities to get them enabled.

V2 Updates

New playermodels
New Viewhands
Added 2 new zombie spawners at start room
Some changes to the textures
Some glitch/bug fixes
Some new stuff added to the map

V3 Updates

V3 Is Finally Out this is the last beta i’m doing and then the final map will be realeased.

M8A1 Is now upgradable
Scavenger Is now upgradable
The both Raygun marks 2 are fixed, before the model of it looked bad but now fixed and they are also changed by how they look, this is a gun which i definetly would recommend to upgrade aswell as Scavenger upgrade.
Alot of new Details and yeah you will recognize it.
1 of the teddy bears are moved, you will find it somewhere near the hangar.
And the most thing what we all have being waiting for, there is now a buyable ending. 
The buyable ending is done in a few steps Power first then disable the teddy’s
3 New Debrises.
4 New riser spawns.
Zombies eyes glowing
Some bug fixes 

FIXES 01.03.2015

Removed 2 debrises near the buyable ending.
Fixed the dog issues.
Fixed 2 Zones.

FIXES 04.06.2015
Fixed the Power Panel Hud for the buildable
Also changed the difficulity

Please tell me how the V3 was thanks.

Would also be Cool if someone could make a video

Marsvinking: map maker

Beta Testers:

Tyler Brough- Known as ItsTyler
greeniezk5 – For Extreme Testing special thanks for reporting issues 

If i have forgot someone please tell me and i will take a look on it.



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