Nazi Zombie Bio Evil

Nazi Zombie Bio Evil
Version: 1.1 By: KamakazeeWorm

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Thank you for taking a look at my map Bio Evil which is based on the game Bio Hazzard or Resident Evil depending on where you are from. This map is as close representation to the first floor of the Mansion from the first game released many years ago on PS1. 

This is my first map i have made so i hope you all enjoy  ::).


        8 Perks 
        Double Tap 2.0
        Zombie Counter
        Buy-able Ending – 22000
        No Dog’s
Mostly standard W@W guns but the following have been modified to have more ammo some more than others
        Gwehr – Also full auto
        Colt – Also full auto

Special Mentions

Big Thanks to the below peps for all there help with forum tutorials and the coding they provide

JR-Imagine – Script placer
Tom_BMX – Anti-Cheat Script & Buy-able Ending
ConvictionNDR – Double Tap 2.0
Treminaor – Easy FX
ZOMBIE-KLLR – Video Tutorials
Mrhankey91 – Zombie Counter

Any i missed please let me know and ill add you ASAP.



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