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Due to college and work I’ve not got much time to fully finish my map with an easter egg 
but I thought I’d release it anyways. Based off the MW2 Highrise. any bugs found please report and ill try and get it fixed and re-uploaded. 

AOKMikey – making parts of the map that i struggled with
radimax – help with radiant
Wincat – death barrier code
DidUknowiPwn – helping with death barrier
bwc6693 – weapons + general help + zone help
hardpoint_taken – ladder climb up prefab
shippuden1592 – Die rise skin packs 
rorke – bo1 non upgraded weapons and player bob
RAYxZOMBIE – Weapon glow
Elfenlied (Apex) – Sound alias files + bo1 reticles files
BluntStuffy – soul chest release
Ege115 – Music EE
DodgeMe – beta testing
Eithan – beta testing and some ideas
Rollonmath42 – ae4 weapon 
Anyone missing please comment below

some weapons are abit buggy but most are fine. Didnt get round to upgrading ae4, thundergun or scavenger- sorry. 
if you see some red parts of map and don’t like it just disable spec maps.

i hope to make more maps when i am fully employed and finished college. that way anytime i am not working i will not be revising and doing coursework :)  [/font]



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