It’s Alive

It's Alive
Version: 1.0 By: rustyandme

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You find yourself locked in a model home overrun with zombies. But that isn’t the weirdest part. The house is changing around you. How long can you survive in …  It’s Alive?

Get ready for a map unlike any other. The goal is the same — to survive, but the journey will be very different. This map took hundreds upon hundreds of hours to develop. It will give you a run for your money. 

–Credits included in parenthesis below–
House that changes every round
Black Ops Weapons (Rorke) – Every weapon has been modified
New Perk: Strength – You can buy this from the poster many times. Each time it increases your total damage by .5x. You only lose your strength when you die, not when you get downed.
Shareable box – If you don’t take your box weapon, when the lightning appears, anyone can take it
Fully-functional Double Tap 2.0
Self Revive in solo (UGX style)

Other Features:

Each player spawns with a random pistol
Zombie Counter (ZM Wiki)
Health Display
Solo Scoreboard (PROxFTW)
Zombies don’t double swipe
Zombies don’t grab you or stun you when you get hit
Zombies don’t gib – You cannot make crawlers
Blood Money (BluntStuffy)
Sprint meter
Survive rounds to unlock ending (tom_bmx)
Free Power-up every 10 rounds
Most guns have extended mags variants
Impact grenades
Max Ammo also refills your clip
2 Mystery Boxes at the same time
Mystery Box chooses weapon much faster
Custom Perk and Power-up shaders (Deadnaut)
Random solo characters (jei9363)
Custom Textures
Hit markers (PROxFTW)
Nuke gives 100 points per zombie killed
Custom Weapon HUD
Custom points display (UGX inspired)
Custom red “hurt” indicator
Starts with the power on
No Pack-a-Punch
Round change music
Game over music

… plus countless fixes to make the game function how you would expect

Thanks to all my beta testers. And special thanks to the following people who went above and beyond and gave me detailed feedback: ATOMICANT2000, mymomiscool, Jordin W, TRF Coast

Known bugs: If the map fails to load or you see a texture appear as white, close CoD and reload the map. Sometimes World at War fails loading part of the map.




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