TMG Carnage

TMG Carnage
Version: Unfinished By: TMG Nukem

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TMG Carnage 
Build Time 18 months + 
The design based with a COD4 feel around a town with a train yard running through it .
The aim is to have the player feel as if they are in a bigger area using surrounding buildings to set a scene following the standard linear flow i have stuck to in the past with a loop round . The players are flown in on a helicopter which is blown up as an intro to the map .The level uses a modified version of the power system from the TMG Alcatraz . only two generators used to power all the perks and PaP with edits to fuel consumption time and cost after feedback from the community . Custom weapon drops and all new weapons to World At War .Aspects of the level are purely made to improve my skills in certain areas ,something i try to do with each level i make .There is a custom Easter egg in the map for players to find and enjoy solving .



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