Psychopath Release

Psychopath Release
Version Final By: Joeycx

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Beforehand Text:  Thank you all the members who helped me and contributed to this project.
Map’s Name: Crazy_Place (Not to be confused with the other map)

The Map Is A Direct Follow Up Of Verruckt, Patients Were Evacuated And Was Forced Out. Transported, Resided Here. Under The Horrible Conditions And Forced To Stay, Unable To Contact Anyone And Miles Away From Civilization. What Happens Here Stays Here.

Description Of Map:
This map is very heavily based on verruckt and nacht der untoten. Players who crave the feeling that verruckt offers might find this map fun to play. This map is more for players who have experience playing zombies and is designed to be difficult and challenging. The map is split in two with side A and Side B. The map also offers outside and inside playable areas. Players who are up for a challenge, gear up and play with 4 players on this immerse asylum experience! 

. All World At War Weapons
. All Guns Pack A Punchable
. 9 Perks With No Perk Limit, Buy As Many Lose As Many
. Lunar Lander Landing Areas
. The Map Is Split In Half, With 2 Sides But 4 Players Are All Together
. Ambience Is Present In This Map
. 4 Wonder Weapons
. Verruckt Experience With Der Riese Scripts
. No Big Easter Eggs, Just Small Ones Like In Verruckt
. Wonder Waffle And PHD Fixed
. An Experience Of Pressure And Caution At Every Step.

 While Playing Alone, Can Be Extremely Hard.
It’s Suggested To Play With Co-Op Players

Error’s And Known Bugs
– Zombie Spawns are irregular.
– Start Zone Zombies Sometimes Don’t move in those first 2 Barriers (Fixed In Version 1.1)
– Removed Barriers/Invis Zombies And Modified Guns (Fixed In Version 1.2)
– Added/Removed Guns, Decreased Lag, Added Camo, Fixed Minor Issues*Sound Fixed* (Fixed In Final Version)

: Find errors? Find Bugs? Find Glitches? Post below and if you can a picture so i can fix it!:

Troubleshoot. (Please make sure that you downloaded the updated version and reinstall it.)

*Power Guide*
-There are 3 power towers around the map that activates power. If you shot correctly it will display a cryptic message. 
-The power towers have a noticeable power surge which emits a sound.

*First Tower* – The easiest tower which is by the double barrel/lunar lander and can be shot by looking up at the tower and shooting it.
*Second Tower* – The next tower is behind the crane by the first tower. Its on the right side of the gate that needs power. It can be hard
shooting but stepping back a shooting can help.
*Third Tower* – The last and hardest to do power tower. The tower is located by the stg44 and second lunar lander. Its behind the gate and can be shot with a gun and grenade. Be careful cause the gate is not shoot able and it doesn’t send bullets on the other side, so stepping back a shooting can help.

– Once ALL are shot the message will appear “iies” and the door by the mystery box opens and power can be activated.

*Jugg Guide*
– Once the power is on, go to the power room and head down until you reach a gate door and buy it.
-It’ll lead you to the sewer, head down to the biggest area and there should be electric cherry and a teleporter pad.
– Link it and head to the elevator by the bar.
– Once upstairs, go to the room with speed cola and there should be a teleporter pad there.
-Link it and go back to sewer to head to jugg,

Special Thanks/Credit to all these wonderful people!
Zombiemodding- For all the wonderful tutorials and prefabs
UGX- for hosting a website where players can learn from
F3ARxReaper666- for answering my stupid questions and Beta testing 
Insane Falcon- For beta testing
Bamskater33- For his amazing scripts and efforts in exporting black ops scripts for us to use(Perks/Lunar Landers)
Terminaor- for amazing programs and scripts
Tom_BMX- amazing programs and model exports
zombie madness/rorke- Amazing gun models and scripts that make a game experience
Marsvinking- Scripts for elevator
Mappers United Wiki- my bible for mapping, thanks for fantastic scripts and tutorials
deper63923- for amazing prefabs
Smasher248-  For the wonderful scripts
HitmanVere- For Pap Camo, and sorry for the troubles lol.
And YOU for downloading my map :)



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