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Hello, all! I return to release the custom zombie map, Relic. I started this one month after Claustrophobia and remained dedicated to it until this very day, ensuring everything was acceptable. Once again, I hope it enjoyed to an extent, be it little or large (preferably large, of course) and do post videos! I do not care a bit if you are a small Youtuber or large; I love to watch footage of how others react to my content(*cough *cough; for bugs and glitches, I mean). The best of regards, Niknokinater!

Solo Command: map nazi_zombie_relic

-Custom Announcer
-Small Teddy Bear “Hide and Seek” Objective to unlock Pack-A-Punch
-Small cash piles around the map (Double Points does double them)
-Double Points doubles Nukes and Carpenters
-Immense texture blending and detail
-No heavy modding
-Wunderwaffe DG-2 no longer lowers max health when zapped
-Dogs, Risers, and functional zones
-The 4 original perks
-Japanese Zombies
-Ambient Sounds

Credits to MakeCents – Much scripting support
Credits to Jbird632 – Scripting support
Credits to Rvex – Ambient sounds tutorial



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