ZFacility (unfinished)

ZFacility (unfinished)
By: Quizz

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ZFacility or Zombie Facility was never finished and has quite a few bugs and incomplete features. Despite all the rough edges, the first challenge is difficult and will require some skill and strategy to complete. If you want a challenge and have some friends willing, try this map out!

You begin in some sort of zombie test facility. Pick your loadout and push the undead back as you make you way through the strange building. Find new perks and upgrades as you work together to complete new challenges in this very difficult zombies experience.


  • 4 Premade weapon loadouts

  • Classes with unique abilities

  • Timed gameplay

  • Pistol and equipment refills automatically after a set time

  • All doors are timed and require no points to open

  • points come only from bonus points powerups

  • use points to buy attachments and ammo only

  • Custom weapons from various CODs

  • Custom made perks

  • Custom made powerups

  • Objective based gameplay



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