Zombie San Cristobal

Zombie San Cristobal

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The 4 heroes are back, now they traveled to the year 2020, in a city that is going to be destroyed due to the zombie infestation, your mission is leave this city before the nuclear missile hit it.

The map is based on the city where i live, but in 5 years in the future, i really love this map that i make with i think is a pretty good detail(no cube hitman  :please: ).
I cant remember the day that i go outside my house start to take photos to that part of my city, of course i change it a little bit due to some radiant problems and more stuff, but i think its %80 based on my city.

MW3 weapons
Harry Bo21 perks(waw,bo1 and bo2)
Some missions
Buyable ammo
1 new Powerup
Changed a few zombie sounds
Changed a lot of sounds(i hope you like it)
And more stuff
Problems bugs(stupid)
there is a bug where if you go down the game give you the colt instead of the usp.(i already fix this but it keep giving me the colt)
Sometimes when you are spectating a player the vision can change to black and white.
If you have fps drops, turn off the specular maps(RECOMMENDED) and shadows also turn off AA, all this is up to you, but i highly recommend to turn off the specular maps
Credit list
-Harry Bo21
If i forgot somebody please tell me.
Beta tester


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