Seminar Der Toten

Seminar Der Toten
Version: 1.0 By: ricko0z

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Features |

– WaW Guns
– Bo1 Perks, Vulture Aid and Electric Cherry
– A Mini EE Song
– Created just for reach round 20 … lol
– GSZ Script

Thanks to |

KDXDARK – For being my mentor
ZK – For the tutorials
JR-Imagine – For The GSZ Script
Tom BMX – For their tools
jei9363 – For their perks :p

If i forgot someone, let me know :p


If you want check my #StudioOfShadows Map Progress for the UGX Map Conquest 2015 | Click Here for use a Teleporter  ::)


Hint: In a future i will make a remake of this map :3



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