Valentines Day Massacre

Valentines Day Massacre

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The Basics: It appears love is in the air…or is that the smell of rotting flesh? It’s getting harder to tell these days. Even zombies want to know that they are appreciated even if it’s just on that one special day a year, so go ahead and tell them how you really feel, open up your heart – or let them open it for you.

What We Like: This is a Valentines Day themed challenge map with a very original concept to it. There are 4 pools of love juice in the middle of the map and as you kill the zombies their souls will fly into the nearest pool, get enough souls into a pool and a walkway will rise out of the outer moat area and allow you access to the mystery box, wall guns, the PAP, Perks and the buyable ending. There’s not much room to run around though so be careful and bring a friend if possible to cover your back.

What We Didn’t Like: There are no Exo suites.

Final Word: It is what it is, a quick challenge map. You won’t be solving a 10 part easter egg, but hey look on the bright side, this map should be a pleasant distraction to the loneliness of another year without contact from the opposite sex.






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