Supremechicken’s Nest

Supremechicken's Nest
Version: 1.1 By: death_reaper0

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supremechicken’s nest is a small, sniper only map which is somewhat complex. with 16 perks, custom powerups and 6 different game modes to play in!


normal – the classic zombies we all love

drained – players will receive 50,000 points from the moment this game mode is selected, however, they will not gain any more points (except for some exceptions)

zombie – play as a new breed of zombie, faster and stronger than the rest, however the old zombies still see you as food and will try and take you down. wall weapons, perks, powerups, box and the pap is disabled in this game mode

stockpile – every second or so, players will receive between 0-50 points. they cannot gain any other points except from a kill (no hit, barrier etc. points, except for some exceptions)

explosives – players will be stuck with a paped colt and scavenger and that is all they will be able to use. wall weapons, box, and pap is disables

swapper – every 30 seconds (time will vary for multiplayer) the players will receive another random weapon, pap or normal, wall weapons, the box and pap is disabled


the perks will need to be shot to purchase (with the exception of quick revive) the perks are as followed:

double tap 2.0
speed cola
phd flopper
electric cherry
vulture aid

custom perks

blood bullets
deep impact
guardian angel ale
discount soda
repairman rum
point crusher
point palosa
power-down punch

custom perk effects and prices stated inside map


bottomless clip – infinite ammo for 30 seconds
god mode – god mod for 1 player for 30 seconds
speed boost – double speed for 1 player for 30 seconds
bonfire sale – pap cost 1000 for 30 seconds
bonus points – extra points for all players

extra features

3 hidden song (2 copyrighted and 1 is not)
mob of the dead zombies
buyable endings
no dogs
solo quick revive (not needed in some game modes)
imported weapons (from cod4, black ops and mw2)
zombie counter
electric cherry gives points
nuketown 2025 character models

v1.1 fixes
fixed guardian angel ale
fixed a bug that gave a gun in zombie mode
better map look
other small bug fixes


tom_bmx for his export/import tools
bamskater33 for bo1&2 perks as well as MOTD zombies
Zombie madness aka rorke for the gun imports
WARDOGSK93 for the increasing perk limit
ZOMB1E-KLLR aka ZK for his map making tutorials
MrDunlop4 for the character models
WoLf_GoLd for the cod4 weapons
and of cause
supremechicken himself for his ideas for this map (the guy i play zombies with on youtube)
(please tell me if i forgot any credit)
 :nyan: :nyan: :nyan: :nyan: :nyan: :nyan: :nyan:



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