Rave To the Grave

Rave To The Grave
By: Death_Reaper0

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i wanted to make this because there aren’t many Halloween maps out there, and it uses very similar script to my previous map, saloon. this is because i wouldn’t of had much time in the next few weeks leading up to Halloween (school stuff) but i really wanted to show this off. don’t worry, i have done bug checks¬† ;D
additionally, i finished this in about 24 hours


15 perks
tranzit zombies
no dogs
small Easter Egg to unlock ending


imported weapons (mw2, mw3, bo1)
custom power-ups (bonus points/blood money, free pack-a-punch)
perk limit increasing machine
weapon locker
spooky atmosphere


quick revive (black ops version)
speed cola
mule kick
vulture aid
electric cherry

custom perks

Point crusher – bonus points on every kill

Power down punch – power-up effects when downed

Deep impact – 10x more powerful knife and also now give a Bowie making it an instant knife kill for a very long time

Discount soda – 25% cash back after each purchase

Blood bullets – regenerating bullets

Guardian Angel ale – 5 second god mode after taking damage with a cool down

Dam-a-nade – 3 times more powerful explosions

Pack-a-box – 1-5 chance of your active gun getting paped when the box times out (when the weapon goes back in)

Blood sucker – gain health from kills that stack but wont stay after taking damage. For example, without jug normal max
health is 100, if you get to 150 health and take 60 damage it goes to 90 but regenerates to 100 not 150


shippuden1592 – TRANZIT models
Zombie madness aka rorke – gun imports
bamskater33 – bo1&2 perks
MrDunlop4 – character models
tom_BMX – lime/model exports
ZK – tutorials

sorry if i missed anyone



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