Necro Forest

Necro Forest
Version: 1.1 By: Megadeth9811

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“There is a great evil lurking in the forest of death….”

Welcome to my first official map release! This map is a standard survival map with regular perks and ported Black Ops II weapons.

Features include:

-Elemental Pack A Punched weapons: Each gun you receive will inherit unique elemental effects when you upgrade them. Guns can have either FireCorrosive, or Shock elements!

-Random Characters with unique viewhands: Play as Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, or Richtofen in solo mode or co-op.

-Atmospheric Map Design: Care has been taken to give players an immersive experience both in sight and sound.

-Hidden Song: Black Fire Upon Us by Dethklok

v1.1 Update: Fixed terrain having holes in the map. Tweaked Juggernaut health.

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-Megadeth9811 (Me): Mapping, porting weapons and sounds.
-BluntStuffy: Elemental Weapons scripts
-Aidan: Kino-Style teleporters scripts
-mrpeanut188: Random Character scripts
-DidUknowiPwn: MOTD-Style HUD



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