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Hey, so this is the V3 of my map : World-H

I have been added a lots of things that needed to be in this map, example : a buyable ending, teleporter, a ladder to go on top of the roof, Who’s who perk, Tombstone perk, And more!

World-H V4 coming soon with tons of new guns, a BIG expansion to the map, some easter egg! And a lot of other things! ( Also, I will reduce the zombie speed :) )

This Map Was Totally Created By Me! And If You Have Any Suggestion, Please Leave A Comment!

Features :

– Origin’s Pack-A-Punch

– Fast Zombie

– Moving Box

– A Music Box

– Der Riese Teleporter

– Ladder

– Buyable Ending ( 90k )

– Zombie Counter

– Black Ops 1 & Black Ops 2 Perks

– Power Switch

– Buyable Door

I also used HarryBo21 perks.



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