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Welcome to my 2nd map ever released.

My map is called Kri, no reason to it, just something random I came up with.

Kri consists of 5 very small areas with 3 wall weapons, the 4 basic WaW perks, 1 box location, and 2 weapons from multiplayer: Dp28, and Type 99 w/ bayonet. The map is very small and was intended for fast pace action with a game only lasting 40-60 minutes.

The three wall weapons can all be double pack a punched and are well worth it. 

The map is also beatable for 40,000 points.

I hope everyone enjoys this small hectic map i’ve put a lot of effort in. If any glitches are found and they are game breaking I will update the map download link with a fix if found.

Current Known Glitches:
With double upgraded weapons, buying ammo off the wall causes you to buy the original un-upgraded weapon.
That’s it.

Special Thanks:
Maturbo. For testing my map for glitches and constructive criticism, and making a bad ass map trailer.
ty brah.

All tutorials were used from ZOMB1E-KLLR’s youtube channel:



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