Der Keres

Der Keres
Version: 0.8 By: CreepersAreEpic

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(“Keres” is the female Greek goddess of violent/cruel death)

“Der Keres” is the next map in my custom zombies series following Overgrowth 115!  The premise of the map is that there are 3 different bases that connect across the earth: Der Riese (Germany), Der Eisendrache (Austria) and the most secretive base, Der Keres (Scotland). These three bases were constructed to form a path across Europe to allow Group 935 to expand to different environments and test conditions. A bunch of drunk Scottish weirdos find themselves randomly inside this abandoned German testing facility and so as any sane Scottish person would do, they arm themselves because they hear a noise. The screeches of the zombies get ever closer as they descend on the 4 lads, shouting “#HereWe” as they approach.

–   53 weapons from: COD4, WaW (re-animated), MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, Ghosts, AW, BO3 and custom weapons
–   Custom animations for PPSH (by Ray)
–   Progress bar for zombie counter
–   Origins Hud
–   UGX style of points
–   Stacking perks (8 perk limit so 4 perks ontop of 4 perks as shown in screenshots)
–   Bold Arial font
–   Custom textures (royalty-free from
–   Perks from WaW, BO, BO2 and BO3, courtesy of HarryBo21 (yes, this is now V5.0.0 with the BO3 ammos  :rainbow:)
–   Banana Colada
–   Wunderfizz
–   2-sided map layout (like Der Riese)
–   Well detailed
–   Glowing wallbuys
–   Mystery box start location randomised
–   FX
–   Ray Gun Mk2
–   Wunderwaffe DG-2
–   Vision file (makes the player’s vision have more contrast creating a more realistic environment)
–   Hell’s Retriver/Redeemer + wolves
–   Bonus Points Powerup
–   Instant Nuke
–   Max ammo refills current clip
–   Red zombie eye fx
–   New “Der Eisendrache” mystery box model by Tim Smith
–   Teleporters
–   Snow FX
–   Custom round sounds
–   Small chance of verruckt runners in later rounds (don’t worry it’s not that bad XD)
–   Double PaP
–   Custom PaP Camo
–   Origins PaP machine
–   Shootable easter egg
–   Buyable ending
–   New origins viewhands
–   “Challenge” mode has been added to the main menu (This is OPTIONAL for FUN! Makes all zombies verruckt runners from round 1 and decreases the spawn delay significantly)
–   Custom solo/co-op and pause screens
–   Round break script
–   Intro text

RELEASE DATE: 14th/15th of August 2016

Thanks for reading, I’ve really tried hard with this map and I hope you will all enjoy it when it releases! :D

Leave any suggestions or comments down below! :)

Thank you,

– Ping998



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