Nazi Zombie One

Nazi Zombie One
By: sylvanmartin

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Hello to my office first map no joke very first timehere is the story you play as a normal guy stuck in middle of no were and you just have to get or find the way out it is a big map so enjoy that just two floor’s one player only but it has fun in this map like photos of family guy also a funny load screen lol for but being only one guy fighting zombies if you win the map you be called THE ONE an epic zombie killer.

This is what is in my map    1) box map yes 1st and 2nd floor    3) all normal perks    4) custom photos    5) wall weapons not working as a joke       6)a buyable ending

I am the only map owner made another post but this one is better UGX if your reading remove my other post please

Thank you all that read this……………..enjoy post if you make it to the end of this map on solo.


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