Will’s Cube

Will's Cube
Version: 1.0 By: willbk4

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Hi everyone I’m WIllbk4. This is my first map so I wanted to attempt a simple map. that’s why I went with the cube/box map theme.

Known bugs: No drops

Fixed bugs N/A (working on drops bug eta 3:00 PM CST)


Will’s Cube is a small box  that houses a verity of perks and wall weapons. It is rather challenging and I would recommend playing co-op as solo I can get up to about round 6. this map can be trained on in solo, but co-op may be very   difficult to train in. I have not tested the co-op yet so please tell me if there are any issues there. If you have any constructive criticism I’d be more than happy to improve for my next map. Also tell me if there are any bugs.

 :) FEATURES  :)

Black ops 1 Perks and shaders (only deadshot,  mulekick, and PHD are available for purchase)
one  non-rebuldable barrier (was originally a glitch, but decided to keep it in to keep you on your toes)
Small map space
invisible wall guns…. well invisible until you find them
and PaP
floating speed, because regular speed is too boring. (I enjoy remembering the bug when I first loaded the map will fix if it bugs too many people)


SwayysVFX – Lighting tutorial
Zommunity – Tutorial on how to make map
Sniperbolt – Tutorial prefabs
Bamskater – Black ops 1 perks and shaders

Willbk4 checking out  :)


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