Town of the Dead

Town of the Dead
Version 1.1 By: xXxCowmanxXx

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I have been working on this map for over two years now and after all that time the map is final done and released.  This map I started working on after my most famous map bridge and since then I have took small breaks and came back to release the map.  I have try to work very hard in order to find all the bugs in the map because I wanted the map bug free but if you find any bugs feel free to send me a PM telling me when the bug happened and take a picture and I’ll take a look into it.  The map is also very large and lots to look for throughout the map so keep your eye out.  Also big credit goes to my good friend jzob who kept asking me to finish this map so I did.

Credits of the map:

Big thanks to the people below for the help with the map

Biggest thanks to Tom_Bmx/WinCat for (Lime & Lemon and all his other helpful tools)
Jzob123 (Big help around, Some guns, Sounds, Ideas, Beta Tester)
Real big thanks to Partisan Executioner (More then 95% of the custom weapon sounds, Ideas, Beta Tester)
ClaytonM456 (Scirpts)
Redspace200 (Custom Scripts, Beta Tester)
Offthewall (Vulture Aid, Dual Wields)
ProxFtw (Custom Scripts)
Arceus (Beta Tester, Scripts)
Radimax (Mapping)
YaPh1l (Scirpts)
DidUknowiPwn (New COD: WAW launcher, MW3 Hud, Textures/Models)
JiffyNoodles (Beta Tester)
ASTR0 (Gfx)
Idogftw (Beta tester)
JBird632 (HD Mystery Box)
Bwc66930 (Beta Tester, Purple Square)
Hitman (Bo1 paused menu)
RayZ (PPSH-41 Custom)
GEARS228 (Ideas)
Mitsurugi (Guns) (Models) (Models)
Treyarch (Models, Sounds, Guns, Custom Textures)
IW/Infinity Ward (Models, Sounds, Guns, Custom Textures)
Capcom (Models)
Chromastone10 (One of the many guns)
Valve (Models, Sounds)
ProRevenge (Perk shaders)

If you don’t see your name in the credits and you believed you should be credited then send me a private message. :)

Anyone else who was a beta tester and not on this list might have tried the map during alpha.

Features of the map
Over 125 fully ported custom guns (With custom reload sounds and fire sounds)
Custom guns from other games besides Call of Duty
Call of Duty 2: gun
Call of Duty: Black ops guns
Call of Duty: MW2 guns
Call of Duty: MW3 guns
A custom wonder weapon (As seen in Undead Hospital)
WAW Guns
Call of Duty:  Black ops 1 perks
Call of Duty:  Black ops 2 perks
Boss zombies
Thundergun from black ops 1
Detailed map
FOV Slider (Options & Controls/Game Options then change the slider that says FOV)
Fullbright (Options & Controls/Game Options and change the setting called “Fullbright” mostly only used for lowend PC)



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