Version 1.5 By: Ed- Canal D9

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

Nightmare is the first map with an innovative thematic, bringing every piece of every zombies map in a single map, this map has already been shown here before but we were the group (spawn point), we are now the Divisão 9 channel

  :nyan: :nyan: This update requires T4M to run, you MUST download this in order to play the map, this is not optional. :nyan: :nyan:

Features List

BO1, BO2 Weapons Equipment.
BO1, BO2 and BO3 PERKS
4 Wonder Weapons
MOTD Mistery Box
Buyable Ending
Jump Scare
And the biggest map 

Charlie – Support for map creation
Jhonny- Full map Of Creation
Sergio Guilherme – Creation of die rise
LBGamingYT – Bo3 Round Chalks
Harrybo21 – Bo1, bo2, bo3 perks
Harrybo21 – Mistery Box

Especial Thanks:

Thank the Brazilian community of zombies for support
Thank UGX for providing the forum to disclose our work


Map Bugs:
Do not double-pap in ww
some barriers are hidden
some map weapons are free
if the map hangs at the loading screen, restart
some weapons are no iron sight because of the texture


errors fixed
Coop Bug 
Menu Changed to a Dukip Menu

Map Progress

shadows of evil – 100%
The Giant – 100%
Verruckt – 100%
natch der untoten – 100%
motd – 100%
shi no numa – 100%
buried – 95%
nuketown – 100%
moon – 100%
kino – 100%
die rise – 100%
shangri-la – 100%
ascension – 100%


Some maps had to be removed because of the mod tools have not supported


And so the black ops 3 mod tools are available we will bring this map pack with 6 maps of zombies



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