The Winterfell Challenge

The Winterfell Challenge
By: Jewbacca71

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Hey everyone! Name is Chuck. or Jewbacca71 or UhSORRYbro.

I have created a zombie map, it took forever to do but it is done and even the YAW guys played it but didn’t give me any credit for making it.

Anyway, Here is their video and my own plus the download of the map.

The map is based on Game of Thrones location of Winterfell. In season 1 when everyone is waiting for the king in the courtyard, there is a barn for the horses 
and 2 towers with a connector. I recreated it but Zombified. I am running script editor 2.0 and UGX 1.0.4

I have the original perks plus the new ones like Deadshot, Flopper, Mule, Trap Machine and Elemental.

Thank you UGX Team with the awesome tools and mods.

Hope you enjoy!




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