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Description (from v.1)
I only made this because my friend and I were playing some really bad map and I said that even someone like me who has no experience with map making could do a better job. He challenged me, he told me to make a level and so I did. I don’t really know what is going on because I have been awake for about 28 hours straight and have been working on this map for about 18 of those 28 hours. I know this map is glitchy and buggy and may not be the best out there right now but remember that this is my first time making a map ever. I hope you enjoy my map. (oh yeah it has nothing to do with lettuce, thats the name that I came up with at 3 a.m. because the map takes place in a jungle and has a lot of green leaves, like lettuce, sorry if I misled you)

-added Juggernogg room
-added Juggernogg (obviously if there’s a whole new room for it)
-added Power Switch cave
-added Double Tap II
-fixed rotation of Speed Cola
-added Deadshot Daiquiri (like anyone uses it. If you use it I don’t judge, you do you.)
-added Stamin-Up
-fixed Pack-A-Punch debris rock
-added Pandora’s Box / Mystery Box
-added Bowie Knife wallbuy
-added dog / hellhound round
-fixed invisable barriers
-fixed zombie spawners
-fixed zombie behaviors
-added extra zombie spawn locations
-added extra aethetics
-fixed zombies spawning glitch
-removed zombie spawners that are outside of the map (you could not get to these zombies before and would just slow the whole game down)
-fixed major glitches
-fixed major spawns
-fixed major clip errors
-fixed the map in it’s entirety. It actually plays like a real zombies game.

-fixed clip bug that allowed you to get around the barriers to Pack-A-Punch without buying the debris
-fixed clip bug that allowed you to fall off the map, ending the game.
-fixed Pandora’s Box / Mystery Box clip bug that allowed you to get on top of the box
-added extra models
-added extra aesthetics
-now supports all languages
-added extra Pandora’s Box / Mystery Box location

-renamed mod from “zm_lettuce_05” to “zm_lettuce_map”

-fixed script error where you would die if you bought out of spawn zone

-fixed minor clip errors
-upgraded aesthetics
-new aesthetics
-new and improved models
-made map look better overall

I’m going to try and add some more better screenshots tomorrow (Fri. Oct. 7) but I am going to be gone the whole weekend so I will not have much time to work on the map this weekend. Next week expect a full new Pack-A-Punch room, more upgraded aesthetics, and a bunch of new screenshots. Thanks again for the support! 🙂

(P.S.) I plan to make more to this map with future updates. This map is still an early build and is curently a W.I.P. (work in progress) and hasn’t been perfected yet, expect minor bugs or minor glitches. Please notify me if you find any small bugs or glitches. Add me as a friend on Steam (if you want) if you have any suggestions for future updates, I will be very happy to talk to you and get your feedback and any suggestions you may have for future updates.
Thank you for the support! 🙂


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