The Master Box Map

The Master Box Map
Version: T4M & Non T4M By: swakking

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go down and read bugs before you download the map

Map Features


Bo 12 Perks
Bo 123 guns
MW2 and 3 Guns
Farcry and BF and CSGO guns
GodZilla zombies
Buildable acid gat kit
Bo1 Pause Menu
DUKIP Menu Mod V1.2
Dark Matter style pap camo
Buyable Ending and double points
And I think 50 guns? sorry I lost count at 30

When you pap the acid gat it will take your other Gun
sometimes other players will be invincible
If you restart in-game you can’t get any weapons out of the box if your host just quit the game and restart
and to change FOV open the console ~ and type cg_fov 65 to 90
when you start the game and everything is black or if the models don’t look right go in to your option from the main menu then go to texture settings and lower it one by one until you can see


ricko0z – Bo3 + Bo2 + mw2 + csgo + bfh guns
Gogeta – blundergat + acidgat scripts + kit
aetbxPS3 – A2000 + biogun
shippuden1592 – Bo1 Death Machine
Tim Smith – Der Eisendrache box
WoLf_GoLd – MW3 guns
UGX Rorke – MW2 guns
Elfenliedtopfan5 – MW2 + Maya
Luke – MW2 guns
UGX – nml’s converter tool + script placer + weapon editor 
hitmanvere – MW2 guns + Bo1 Pause Menu
Ray1235 + Scobalula – Bo1 Pause Menu
DidUknowiPwn – Bo1 Pause Menu + DUKIP Menu Mod V1.2
Zer0w + reaaL + Slash – DUKIP Menu Mod V1.2
tom bmx – lemon + lime
IW – MW3 + MW2 guns
ConvictioNDR – M16
Koene + MrMELUSIN – BC2 M1 GARAND + BC2 TYPE 100
scriptz/byzmodz + – Godzilla
deperVSzombis + 3dregenerator – R2D2
whippytrout – godzilla rigging
copycatproduction – for rigging TUTs
BluntStuffy – Panzer
JBird632 – Advanced Warfare Style Blood Splatter
steviewonder87 – Dark Matter style camo
HarryBo21 – bo1 2 3 Perks 5.0.0
StupidEdits – powerup fx
ZK – shootables
GrumpyCat + TheMaster79 + mbomb2001 + Bashmoney100 – help testing
UGX-Community – reference
treyarch – bo 1 2 3 guns/bo 1 2 perks + mod tools


If you re-post the download link give credit to Man Baby as the mapper It’s cool if you forget I won’t hold you for it



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