Schacht der Toten

Schacht der Toten
By: Drew Flow

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This map is a one window challenge that takes place in a small section of Grande Bataille. If you would like to play the full version of the map, follow this link:

Now much more visually appealing! The spawn window has been completely redone, and the details have been updated on the entire map. (This is the final version of this map.)

An underground mine shaft with a twist… One of the most challenging maps you will ever play.

This map is similar to one window challenge, but things get reasonably harder once you activate power.

(Teleporter pad is inactive as of now, major changes coming soon)

Post your highest rounds in the comments!

-5 perks: Jugg, Quick Revive, Double Tap, Speed Cola, and Widow’s Wine.
-Dog rounds enabled
-RK5 Wall buy
-KN-44 Wall buy
-Mystery Box (1 location)



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