Fabrik Der Untoten

Fabrik Der Untoten
By: Madgazgaming & natesmithzombies

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Fabrik Der Untoten

An abandoned factory in Germany , Group 935 took over to continue there experiments and testing but what horrors await you 

This Map Version includes
*Custom Perks
*FULL EASTER EGG (with audio storyline)
*New weapons and wall buys
*DE Pap camo

Make sure to subscribe to MADGAZ GAMING to keep up to date with all new updates of this map https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCHAZfPoBxHtU8Qb50fY3pw

And sub to Nate Smith Zombies , to find out what awesome features he is making next for FABRIK DER UNTOTEN

Massive thanks to Nate Smith for his amazing script work on this map
Thanks to Wakka and Zeroy for help getting me started in the tools
Thanks to Izartar for help with sewer drop point
Thanks to Porter and RDV for help with scripting Broken perks (widows wine and electric cherry)
Thanks to Zeroy for the weapon port of the Magnum 44
Thanks to Legitiment Gamer for his artwork in various places

Thank to anyone who has gave input into this map and helped me in anyway i will be updating this as we progress



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